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Quantum Glycobiology - aka Quantum Glycomics (QG)

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by J. C. Spencer

Quantum science was a hard pill for Albert Einstein to swallow because of its mind bending paradoxical  explanation  of  phenomena.  Today, a little bit of sugar will ... that’s right, ...make the medicine go down.

Quantum biology is an emerging scientific discipline.  You never heard of Quantum Glycobiology or Quantum Glycomics (QG).  This lesson is your introduction and you will see how QG will help us solve the mystery of why some sugars are so unbelievably beneficial for improving health and may in the future even be able to correct otherwise impossible devastating illnesses.

Scientists are grasping at quantum’s bizarre properties to solve mysteries of the evident influence of unseen forces.  We will learn how to harness quantum influences; but, first we need to understand how the same wave-particle properties can produce drastically different outcomes.

In quantum glycobiology, we will be required to understand how the folding of different proteins and sugars are entangled with unknown forces including ions, magnetism, photons, radiation, and thought and manipulated further with variant thermal conditions, light of various spectrum, rate of radioactive decay, direction of rotation, speed of spin, angles, gravity, and electrical discharge transfer of energy.  Perhaps anything is possible with quantum mechanics.

I could hear you whisper, “How can thought be involved in quantum glycobiology?”  Think.  In clinical studies, the placebo effect works on about a third of the patients who are taking a sugar pill, a “bad sugar” pill yet. Animals don’t exhibit the placebo effect.

It was the variant factors of entanglement that baffled Einstein and caused him to call quantum physics, “spooky action at a distance.”  The real relativity factor of future science is the understanding of entanglement.  The reason the entanglement factor is so important is the fact that it often works at the tipping point level of efficacy.  The tipping point factor can be explained with a perfectly balanced scale holding in each bucket half the water of all the oceans.  The tipping point for the scale to tilt either direction is to add one drop of water to your choice of either side.  This is how relative a drop of H2O is when it puts its weight behind a purpose.  In quantum physics, the possibilities are endless, not just one tilting to the left or right like the drop of water on the scale.  The endless possibilities of mysterious influences can alter the state and performance of a molecule or a system.  The effect, the behavior, the consequences, are as pervasive as they are profound.

Quantum influences are relative to all systems regardless of size.  Quantum physicists have been concerned primarily with microscopic anomalies.  There may be no boundaries of quantum prediction because of the incoherence of unknown factors.  It is this entanglement that binds all the particles together to produce unknown quantities for strange conclusions.  Here collective properties become impossible to untangle.

Like the tilting scale, when propensity is altered, that newly directed influence may gather momentum and influence compounding change.  I postulate that the peer pressure of particle momentum influences atoms, ions, photons, magnetism, and thought.  We have in a previous lesson discussed how a thought triggers a constellation of synapse in your brain to take flight like a flock of birds.  Scientists have learned that elementary particles also react like waves of activity and develop a propensity to operate in unison.  This is the law of attraction manifest.

We will, in another lesson, discuss how it is the very entanglement that produces the outcome.  It is mangled entanglement that produces chaos.  It is the proper folding of proteins that give order to the human body and the misfolding of these same proteins that cause neurodegenerative diseases.  Quantum glycobiology resides in the entanglement of proteins and sugars forming glycolipids and glycoproteins that are the Operating System (OS) of the human body.

Vlatko Vedral of Oxford admits, “Implications of macro-scopic objects such as us being in quantum limbo is mind blowing enough that we physicists are still in an entangled state of confusion and wonderment.”

It appears no one understands quantum physics but that has not kept brilliant minds from enjoying the possibilities nor kept them from babbling utter nonsense about things that are not relative.  Quantum physics extends new opposing challenges to the theory of relativity.  And, QG opens the door for understanding the benefits of sugars like never before.

References and additional material: Scientific American - 6/ 2011

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